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Should I schedule a brick painting service?

What comes into your mind when you see brick houses? Don’t they exude a somewhat historical vibe? Most brick houses portray the traditional look of old mansions or palaces. However, brick houses in recent years have adopted a more modern and contemporary style. Painting has a lot to do with it. 

Bricks can be a costly material but are durable and last very long. If you had your bricks for ages, it is time for you to give your brick house a makeover. Painting those bricks will definitely help return their charm and beauty. 

If you’d like seasoned brick painters to take care of the process, feel free to reach out to the dependable team of The Dublin Painting Pros.

You should consider painting your brick house because of these reasons:

  1. It will revive its charm and personality.
  2. It brings in more light to the room making it more attractive. Old worn bricks tend to darken a room.
  3. You have the option of blending the paint colour of the brick to its adjacent spaces and make it stand out.
  4. Enhancing a brick house with paint not only improves its look but increases its resale value as well. 

Whenever you need a great exterior painting service in Dublin, The Dublin Painting Pros are your go-to solution. Call us for dependable drywall and plastering services, convenient garage floor painting, or when you wish to give your home a new look with pro wallpaper installation

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    Recent Projects

    Learn more about two recently completed projects

    Full exterior repainting

    Our team was tasked with stripping old, chipped paint, prepping and repainting this 4 bedroom home for the Healy family in Clontarf.

    22nd March
    Clontarf, Dublin

    Interior redecoration

    Two of our teams completed a large renovation project involving plastering, wallpapering, painting and some small electrical work.

    12th August
    Ranelagh, Dublin


    What some of our clients are saying about us

    Dublin Painting Pros did an incredible job on the interior of our 3 bedroom home. They were professional and James and Daniel were very tidy and skilled. Highly recommended service.

    Jack Dempsey


    I’ve already recommended Dublin Painting Pros to a few friends. Our quote was competitive and Mark helped us pick out the right colours. The final work was completed on time and looks fantastic.

    James Skeehan


    It’s rare to find tradesmen that are as reliable and professional as Mark and Craig. They did exactly what they said they would at a great price. I was left very impressed with everything.

    Lisa O’Reilly


    What are the steps to efficient brick painting?

    So, you have decided to paint your brick house. Start with cleaning the bricks and allow some time to let them dry. Then, before you continue painting them, take a look at some preparation tips listed below: 

    1. Gather the tools that you will need. This includes soap for cleaning, paint roller, water, painter’s tape, paintbrush and latex primer. Add in some Trisodium phosphate if necessary. You will also need some drop cloths, wire brush and masonry. You may wear safety goggles and gloves as required.
    2. Remove the accumulated dirt and white deposits on each brick to achieve a thorough clean up.
    3. Wait for them to completely dry before you start painting.
    4. Inspect for any cracks or leaks.
    5. Use the Painter’s tape to cover the spaces you don’t want to paint.
    6. Begin with the primer. Apply a coat of latex primer using a roller or a brush. If you see some spaces that have been affected by mildew, add another layer of primer. Allow some time for it to fully dry.
    7. Decide which paint to use. We recommend using elastodynamic paint for brick. It is excellent for filling the cracks aside from preventing more cracks to develop. Another option is to use regular acrylic latex paint for the exterior. It’s also a good choice because it can endure mildew and diffuses any absorbed moisture.

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      How to perform successful brick painting

      Now you have come to the painting stage of the brick house! We suggest you use spray paint to get the job done quickly and easily. However, you can still use a brush or rollers as well.

      Our specialists recommend using gloss or semi-gloss paint. Both types put the focus on the beautiful details plus it is also easier to clean. Make sure that the paint is evenly applied especially over those tiny crevices and cracks.

      Staining is an option for bricks in garbed condition. This option is faster and trouble-free. Although staining can be more costly, it can highlight the unique texture of the bricks. Something that painting will not achieve. Also, staining will produce a new colour on the bricks and will even last longer than painting.

      Important brick painting tips and tricks

      1. If your brick is still in good condition, you may opt for staining instead of painting. 
      2. Never paint on wet bricks or those with dents. Make sure to clean thoroughly and dry completely before painting.  
      3. You will need to do some caulking if you notice some tiny crevices and cracks. Using acrylic caulk is best before you start painting.
      4. Avoid using acidic cleaners when cleaning bricks. Doing so may affect the end result.

      Painting a brick house can be a challenge. In many cases, you may need professional assistance. However, after all the efforts, you will be amazed at its renewed beauty.

      All the sweat and time spent will surely be worth it when you see your newly-painted brick house.