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A fresh office painting is a fantastic way to stay calm and relaxed while working

Working from home has become the new normal. If you are in on this new trend, you must invest in having a properly designed and organized private office space at your home. It will help keep your focus on your assigned tasks at work and avoid distractions.

When deciding on how to create this private space, you will need to think through the design that you want for the room. This is because you will be spending a lot of time each day in this nook, so it must be fully equipped to meet your needs.

How do I choose the colours for home office painting?

Choosing the right colours is crucial as different colours can influence emotional responses and cause different feelings in people. Your concentration, focus and task management will be greatly influenced by how your home office is designed. You can transform your office in a way which brings out positivity, good mindset and proper attitude towards your work and will help you succeed in your tasks.

The choice of the colour to be used will also be based on the kind of work you do. For example, if you need more energy, red is recommended as it increases our heart rate. On the other hand, using blue creates a calming and relaxing space.

If your job is related to sales, you may opt for light tones of yellow in the room and add some hints of bright red. If you want to choose blue as the theme of the room, you can add some yellow accents to brighten up the vibe and not make you feel blue or sad. Adding hints of yellow aids in maintaining focus and concentration.

Remember to balance and not overdo with the two main colours though. Make sure to avoid overpowering colours and aim for a perfect combination of both.

Getting the services of The Dublin Painting Pros for home office painting services is a smart move because we can help you pick out the best shade with our free colour consultation.

When you need reliable home office painting services in Clontarf, Fairview, or another Dublin neighbourhood, turn to The Dublin Painting Pros.

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    It’s rare to find tradesmen that are as reliable and professional as Mark and Craig. They did exactly what they said they would at a great price. I was left very impressed with everything.

    Lisa O’Reilly


    Other home office painting tips

    Aside from choosing the colour, you will need to consider the fact that the type of paint you pick can shape the vibe as well. For instance, glossy types of paint tend to bring about an elevated energy level.

    Also, consider your health and make sure to choose paints that do not contain volatile organic compounds or VOCs. These substances may lead to health issues due to prolonged exposure.

    If you have another office outside your home, avoid the usual urge to decorate them similarly. Different designs and distinct colours create a fresher set-up, helping you focus more whenever you are switching between the locations.

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      What are some popular colour schemes for home office painting?

      You can see the typical guidelines for colour schemes and conventional designs for the usual private offices at home below:


      Using the vibrance of teal combined with hints of brilliant white trims is perfect for creative types and professions.


      The colours red and orange are best for energy and intensity because of their brilliance. However, using both colours on your walls might be overpowering. Choose the muted colours instead, such as peach and use the brighter versions as accents only.


      For calm and tranquillity, blue is always the best choice. However, be wary and do not go for very dark tones of blue because it might hinder you from performing your tasks at work because of the emotions it may evoke. Opt for lighter shades such as turquoise.


      The right usage of red is key to achieving a perfect office if your job is related to selling or striking some deals. Accentuating your space with bold and rich red pieces such as cushions or rugs, lampshades and some pieces of furniture will definitely work.


      Going modern is also another route you can take. This can be achieved by using the perfect contrast of white accentuated with black coloured pieces. This combination will definitely create a modern vibe. Be wary though, you will need a large amount of natural light to enter into the room to achieve this set up correctly. 


      The perfect blend of violet and blue will be great for creating a relaxing space to let your creativity flow at the same time helping you keep focused on the essential details.


      With the multitude of colours and designs to choose from, in the end, it all boils down to your taste and how you want your home office to look like. Because this is your personal space in your home, you can decide on whatever design you prefer. You can even bend some design rules, like going for darker tones with dark-toned furniture, black leather seats and a lot of grey shades. What matters is your comfort and preference because you are the one who needs to be comfortable in this office.

      The Dublin Painting Pros can provide you with excellent home office painting services in Dublin. We also provide other professional interior painting services across Dublin, such as expert ceiling painting, meticulous dining room painting, and reliable wallpaper installation. Call us anytime to get your free estimate and find out more about our affordable painting prices!