Details and Costs of Exterior and Interior Painting Services in Dublin

The Dublin Painting Pros offer competitive and affordable pricing on a wide range of painting and decorating services. All of our work is guaranteed, we only hire vetted, trusted expert painters, our quotes are 100% free and we offer flexible payment plans.

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If you are looking for someone to handle interior or exterior home painting, choosing cheap offers from other painting companies is not a good route to take. The best and most cost-effective solution is to look for the best value for your money. Here at Dublin Painting Pros., that is exactly what we offer. The expertise we offer and the equipment we carry come at a cost, after all. Good painting companies in Dublin and the rest of Ireland are also usually booked in advance.

Get the best house painting prices in Ireland

Getting the services of Dublin painting companies that offer lower prices than the national average may give you low-quality results. This is because they will have to cut costs in other aspects of the contract, usually with the materials that they use. To get cheap labour, they probably don’t insure their painters in Dublin, which puts all the risk on you in case of an unfortunate accident during the painting process. In any event that they get injured while doing their job, you will have to cover their medical costs as well as lost wages using your home insurance.

Here at Dublin Painting Pros., we offer better than the average cost of painters and decorators in Dublin: the most reasonable rates in Dublin considering the quality of the materials that we use and the insurance coverage of our staff. Call us today to get your free painting service price quote.

Finding the right professional painters in Dublin

With the new knowledge you have acquired about calculating painting services costs, it is time to find the perfect painting company in Dublin. Collect some data online about the company such as its references using websites like Yelp or other social media platforms. Ensure to get a copy of the company’s insurance.

When requesting a quote, the company should provide accurate rates with no fine prints so you are given the correct price for each service, with no hidden charges. Doing so will help you compare rates between competitors. Some companies offer lower rates in the beginning yet add in other costs such as for clean-up or other materials used.

The only safe route to take for you to hire the real painting experts is to get the services of a renowned and experienced company like Dublin Painting Pros. Our tradesmen are highly-trained, experienced, insured and vetted.

Questions to ask before signing up for painting services in Dublin

  • How long have you been painting houses?
  • Is your licence still valid?
  • Do you have insurance coverage?
  • Do you hire subcontractors?
  • Can you send me references from previous jobs?
  • Do you have guarantees for your work and for how long?

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    Recent Projects

    Learn more about two recently completed projects

    Full exterior repainting

    Our team was tasked with stripping old, chipped paint, prepping and repainting this 4 bedroom home for the Healy family in Clontarf.

    22nd March
    Clontarf, Dublin

    Interior redecoration

    Two of our teams completed a large renovation project involving plastering, wallpapering, painting and some small electrical work.

    12th August
    Ranelagh, Dublin


    What some of our clients are saying about us

    Dublin Painting Pros did an incredible job on the interior of our 3 bedroom home. They were professional and James and Daniel were very tidy and skilled. Highly recommended service.

    Jack Dempsey


    I’ve already recommended Dublin Painting Pros to a few friends. Our quote was competitive and Mark helped us pick out the right colours. The final work was completed on time and looks fantastic.

    James Skeehan


    It’s rare to find tradesmen that are as reliable and professional as Mark and Craig. They did exactly what they said they would at a great price. I was left very impressed with everything.

    Lisa O’Reilly


    How do Dublin painting companies calculate their rates? 

    There are some considerations in calculating the price of a paint job in Dublin. The costs of the painting job are influenced by factors such as the equipment needed for the task, especially when a scaffold is needed to be set up and dismantled after the job is done.

    Other factors include:

    • Using complicated designs
    • Multiple colours 
    • The presence of challenging areas such as high ceilings and uneven surfaces. It takes a long time to paint rough surfaces, which in turn affects the price
    • The chosen type and brand of paint
    • The number of coatings needed for the surface.
    • Time needed to prepare the surface before painting and ensure adhesion
    • The urgency of the paint job. You may need to schedule your booking in advance with some professional companies. If you request to expedite the job, they might charge a little extra for that.
    • The time required to finish the job. If you have a specific target date or time for the job to be done, painters may need to paint overtime or work on weekends to finish the job on your preferred time and this may cost more.

    In summary, interior paint jobs can be complicated and may take a longer time especially when there are other items to move such as the furniture. Also painting the windows and doors can be lengthy as well as painting different rooms with various styles or colours. On the other hand, exterior painting can be simpler and may only require one or two colours making it more affordable. 

    Nevertheless, if you hire us for the painting of your home, you can be certain we will do our best to give you a high-quality service at the most affordable house painting prices Dublin has to offer. To determine the cost of painting your house interior accurately, we will perform an inspection and use a calculator. Clients tend to think that the cost is based on the cost of hiring a painter/decorator per day, but it is actually based on measurements.

    What is the usual cost for painting a room? 

    The typical charge for painting an average room size can range from €250 to €500. Before they can give the quote, your painting contractors will need to inspect the room to calculate the amount of pain needed for the entire room. To know the accurate measurement, they will multiply its width and length. They will also need to consider the windows and door as well as the ceiling trim and skirting boards.

    Painter’s speed

    In general, well-experienced painters and decorators can work relatively faster. This is where you can save costs by getting experienced painters. When mistakes happen, it will contribute to the time needed for the job to be done. Also, take note that you will need to wait for the first coat to dry before the second application. The waiting time can range from hours to days depending on the type of paint used.

    Several rooms or the entire house?

    If you are wondering how much to paint a house, you first have to be more specific: do you want to paint the entire house or just several rooms, only the interior or the exterior too? One helpful hint with choosing colours is to use similar ones with slight variations. The costs for painting can differ due to room sizes, colour as well as the type of paint to be used. Choosing the same color for the entire house will help you save some money. 

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    On top of that, our written, insurance-backed workmanship guarantees of up to 5 years. This makes us stand out from our competitors, as we are the only one offering this.

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      How can you save on painting costs in Dublin?

      Look for trusted painters through well-known websites or those recommended by your family and friends. Request a detailed quote from the painter. This must include the amount of time needed for painting, preparatory measures, the type of paint and its brand name, as well as the number of coats to be applied and finally all the other possible costs for the job. As soon as you get at least three bids, you will be able to compare costs and choose the best suitable painter for the job.

      Ask for a service contract

      Ensure everything is in writing so that you can have proof of your service agreements. This will help avoid additional charges to pay by the end of the project.

      Do some of the prep work

      After you have hired the professional painter to do the task, ask if they can offer discounts if you prepare the house before they come. This includes removing the furniture and other items on the wall. You can also include washing, taping and covering the carpet and flooring for them. However, it is important to agree with the painter before doing these steps.

      Save on the volume

      If you are planning to repaint both the interior and exterior of your home, it is best to do it at the same time. Many painters in Dublin will offer a discount for a large amount of work compared to individual tasks such as repainting a small bedroom. Painting smaller areas may cost a little bit more than doing the entire house altogether.

      Why getting cheap labour and the lowest price is a bad plan

      Falling for low-priced offers is a common pitfall that happens to many people when it comes to painting contracts. While you do want your painting project to be cost-effective, you also want your painting contractors to be detail-oriented. Getting cheap services will not pay off in the long run because certain aspects will be compromised, especially the quality of the job and the materials used. Going for professional painters might look costly but let us examine the drawbacks of choosing cheap painters in Dublin:

      • Some painters may have little to no experience at all
      • No insurance
      • Low-cost materials or low-quality products
      • Paint is mixed with water
      • Premium paint combined with cheap paint.
      • Lesser number of paint coats
      • No wall repair

      Some exploitative house painters and decorators in Dublin will use certain tactics to lure you such as holding back the work from the initial bid and call it a teaser price. Then when they start the job, they will inform you of additional charges outside of the agreed price such as a fee for repairs or a third coat of the paint.

      To prevent such an unpleasant experience, it is best to hire professional painters in Dublin that have already established their name in the industry. Choose those who have been in business for more than two years because the turnover rate is quite high. Choosing Dublin Painting Pros’ highly skilled painters and decorators will make this an easier experience.

      Choosing the approved painters and decorators of Dublin Painting Pros

      This site is made for you as a guide in avoiding the common mistakes committed by Dublin homeowners when looking for interior and exterior painting experts and estimating cost estimates and other details associated with the offer. We ensure that our painters pass the highest industry standards while those who couldn’t make it are excluded from our directory.

      We are also here for you to help you choose the ideal colour palette for your home’s interior or exterior in a way that matches its surroundings. For instance, a property on Henrietta Street should feature colours characteristic of Georgian design. Reach us anytime to get your free price quote.