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Ceiling painting in your Dublin home is as important as painting the other parts of the home but is often overlooked when it comes to interior painting. After many years, the ceiling will become discoloured and will look dull and worn out. Certain factors may contribute to its deteriorated appearance such as leaking pipes, overflowing bathtubs or sinks, smoke from cigars, cigarettes or fireplaces.

If you plan to paint a room in Dun Laoghaire take not to include ceiling painting to avoid ruining a perfectly done job. Fixing your ceiling with just plain old paint might not be enough especially if it has already discoloured. Depending on how badly it has yellowed, you might need to use a stain-blocking primer before painting. White shellac is the go-to option for this. You can use a brush or a roller in applying this or opt for a spray can.

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    Recent Projects

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    Full exterior repainting

    Our team was tasked with stripping old, chipped paint, prepping and repainting this 4 bedroom home for the Healy family in Clontarf.

    22nd March
    Clontarf, Dublin

    Interior redecoration

    Two of our teams completed a large renovation project involving plastering, wallpapering, painting and some small electrical work.

    12th August
    Ranelagh, Dublin


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    Dublin Painting Pros did an incredible job on the interior of our 3 bedroom home. They were professional and James and Daniel were very tidy and skilled. Highly recommended service.

    Jack Dempsey


    I’ve already recommended Dublin Painting Pros to a few friends. Our quote was competitive and Mark helped us pick out the right colours. The final work was completed on time and looks fantastic.

    James Skeehan


    It’s rare to find tradesmen that are as reliable and professional as Mark and Craig. They did exactly what they said they would at a great price. I was left very impressed with everything.

    Lisa O’Reilly


    How do I paint a badly-yellowed ceiling

    The commonly suggested steps for painting a badly discoloured ceiling, especially when caused by cigar or cigarette smoke, are, first to apply a single coat of shellac then second, proceed with normally painting using standard latex paint.

    • Sanding with a very fine grade of sandpaper before ceiling painting will ensure a smooth combination of the paint to the ceiling. This step will create a sufficient level of roughness for the paint to bond properly. Then, you can use a damp cloth to simply remove any dust from this procedure.
    • One of the usual errors of painting beginners in Dun Laoghaire involves having lap marks. It is even more noticeable with thicker paints and can result in some areas having darker or lighter shades.
    • To achieve that flawless coat of paint, it is best to break the area down in about 4-5 ft squares and work in these divided areas. This will help you quickly move from one area to the next. Remember to paint the adjoining area right away before the paint dries up. 
    • One more tip for maximum coverage is to re-roll the paint at a right angle straight in the same square area afterwards.
    • There are many variants of ceiling paint for your home in Dublin, and you should choose the ones that will not splatter. They usually dry slowly compared to regular wall paint and comes in a matte finish.

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      How do I paint the ceiling of my home in Dublin?

      You can try and experiment with other colours for your ceiling painting endeavour aside from white. You can opt for a dramatic effect on a room, create an illusion and make low ceilings seem higher or high ceilings seem lower, adjusting the effect to a larger or a smaller, more intimate room as preferred. If you plan to do the ceiling painting in your Dublin home yourself, be wise and do not believe everything the salesperson says in the store. Instead, follow some of our tips:

      • Although it would be great to shell out some extra money for the highest quality paint, you do not need to buy those expensive brushes or poles. The important piece of equipment you need to invest in, however, is the roller as it can contribute to the overall quality and make a difference.
      • Ceiling painting experts always prefer the lambswool roller cover. This version will help you in getting the thickest layer of paint onto your ceiling fast in a short amount of time. They may cost more but they can last for much longer especially when properly handled. They are also long-wearing and easier to clean.
      • If you see some texture on your ceiling, it can be a bit of a challenge. Painting directly to the textured surface may cause the paint to fall out because water loosens it. However, if it has already been painted before, you can proceed with repainting it. 

      The best solution for proper painting in this situation is to spray the paint on. This, however, will need the expertise of professional painters.

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