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How do I paint my doors flawlessly?

Doors are the entry and exit points of every room in your house. Being an essential part of the home, they are usually the most noticeable elements of both the interior and the exterior. Therefore, it is crucial to keep their pristine condition at all times.

If you are planning to freshen up your doors by repainting them, you can always trust the amazing skills of our painting experts here at The Dublin Painting Pros to achieve best results.

On the other hand, if you are confident enough to achieve the look with your own skills, you can make use of the tips we have collected for you below.

A lot of the common errors people make when painting are usually due to a lack of knowledge or because they’re in a hurry to finish the task quickly.

A lot of people start painting the door while it is still attached to its hinges. However, to achieve a long-wearing quality, it is best to unscrew the hinges of the door first and lay it flat on the ground before painting it.

This step will also ensure that you don’t get the paint in adjacent places such as the walls or door architraves. It will help prevent paint drip too.

After removing the door, begin by washing it with warm soapy water first. Make sure to clean up all the dirt and grime that has accumulated to make the paint stick properly to the door when applied. Prioritize cleaning the area of the door handle or knob. This is the most used part of the door which is why dirt tends to build up in this part.

Then, allow everything to dry thoroughly before you proceed to the next stage.

The Dublin Painting Pros provides door painting services across the Dublin area successfully and efficiently. Here are some of the reasons why you should contact us for efficient interior painting across Dublin.

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    It’s rare to find tradesmen that are as reliable and professional as Mark and Craig. They did exactly what they said they would at a great price. I was left very impressed with everything.

    Lisa O’Reilly


    Should I sand the door before painting?

    If you are dealing with an old door that has been repainted a lot of times, scraping those old layers is needed before you can continue with the painting process. Otherwise, the accumulated layers of paint will cause the door to stick to the jamb upon opening and closing of the door.

    If the door you are working on is quite new but has been repainted a few times, scraping is not needed however, you will have to do the sanding process instead. You don’t need to look for high-grade sandpaper to use for the sanding because you won’t need to remove the layers of paint on the door.

    The aim is just to achieve a rough surface on the door for the paint to adhere properly during application.

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      How do I get the best door painting results?

      If you notice any holes or damage on the door, filling them is your next step. Using fillers is a great remedy for common defects such as animal scratches. There are various types of fillers for different door materials and the size of the cracks to be filled. Carefully inspect the door and do not skip even the tiniest holes. Do not assume that the new paint will cover these flaws, it may even highlight and make these small holes look worse. 

      Using a primer might not be necessary depending on the finish of your door. However, adding this step is still a good idea as it can guarantee a flawless and smooth finish. It will help make the paint stick better and block the stains as well. This will come in handy for doors that have been filled as the area with fillers tends to absorb more paint risking a noticeable uneven texture and look. If the primer is applied, the marks will not be obvious after the application of the final coat.

      Even after you have primed your door, there will still be tiny flaws. Inspect the door thoroughly as professionals do. Some of the minor imperfections might even be more noticeable at this stage. Fix these small issues first, if there aren’t any, then you can proceed to sand.

      You don’t need too much effort during the sanding process. You can use very light sandpaper and only apply light pressure. Afterwards, wipe the accumulated dust with a damp cloth. Then, wait for it to dry before you apply the topcoat. 

      How do I achieve a smooth and flawless finish?

      Stay away from using brushes as it is quite difficult to prevent brush marks on the door. Instead, use a foam roller. Make sure to get the smaller ones that are specifically designed for painting doors. Using the rollers will create a uniform look without the brush strokes. When you are done with the first coat, wait for it to dry. Then repeat the sanding process including wiping with a damp rag. Afterwards, carry on with the second and final topcoat.

      After going through the painting process, the last step is waiting for the door to completely dry. Allowing enough time is essential before putting the door back to its hinges. Wait for a few days until the paint on the door fully dries. Returning it to the jamb too soon may cause the paint to stick to other places. Remember, even if it seems to be dry to touch, it might not be completely dry yet. Lastly, when the door is attached back to its hinges, don’t close it fully yet until a few days have passed.

      Doors may occupy just a small space in our homes, but painting them can be challenging and time-consuming. If you are not up for the task, don’t worry, our skilled door painters here at The Dublin Painting Pros are ready to be of service in Dundrum, Kilmacud, or another Dublin area.  Having a flawlessly painted door is just a phone call away. Call us now.!