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The dining area is a major part of your home. It is a place where people frequently meet during family dinners and where families host guests coming over for gatherings. Aside from your family’s regular use of this space, it’s one of the few areas that are open to every guest in your home. When it comes to dining room painting in your Dublin home, you will need to consider a lot, especially when choosing the colours or designs to use.

How do I choose a style for my dining room painting?

Begin with evaluating your dining room painting goals and what you want to achieve with your dining space. What is the dining area design like? Is it part of the living room, open-plan kitchen or a standalone room? If it is a part of another area of your home such as the living room or kitchen, it is best to achieve a synchronous style throughout the entire space connecting the rooms.

Also take note of the specific colours and patterns being used on your walls, ceilings and trim as they can create illusions of spacious and larger rooms or smaller and more intimate ones. Your best option is to go for a classic design with a modern flair: a clean, refreshing look with a more relaxed, welcoming vibe that will usually entail the use of darker tones and shades.

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    Recent Projects

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    Our team was tasked with stripping old, chipped paint, prepping and repainting this 4 bedroom home for the Healy family in Clontarf.

    22nd March
    Clontarf, Dublin

    Interior redecoration

    Two of our teams completed a large renovation project involving plastering, wallpapering, painting and some small electrical work.

    12th August
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    What some of our clients are saying about us

    Dublin Painting Pros did an incredible job on the interior of our 3 bedroom home. They were professional and James and Daniel were very tidy and skilled. Highly recommended service.

    Jack Dempsey


    I’ve already recommended Dublin Painting Pros to a few friends. Our quote was competitive and Mark helped us pick out the right colours. The final work was completed on time and looks fantastic.

    James Skeehan


    It’s rare to find tradesmen that are as reliable and professional as Mark and Craig. They did exactly what they said they would at a great price. I was left very impressed with everything.

    Lisa O’Reilly


    Explore our selection of dining room paint and finish options

    There is a wide array of options for colours and styles to enumerate here but you can always make use of resources online that hold many great recommendations for this purpose. Our suggestion is for you to choose between an eggshell or matte paint.

    Doing so will make your dining room look elegant and stellar. If your preference is more on the casual and relaxed style, then you can opt for a satin finish that will create an easy-to-clean surface plus a slight hint but striking shine.

    Take a look at some of our dining room painting tips

    Getting professional help from a dining room painting company as The Dublin Painting Pros. in Ballsbridge will be your best shot in making sure all your painting plans will be achieved. 

    However, if you are confident enough to pull off your ideas for your dining space by yourself then go through our guide below. This is the same checklist we use for dining room painting services for our clients across Dublin:

    • Take everything out from the room and move it to a separate area. This step will aid in making everything quicker, easier and accident-free.
    • Move all paintings, light fixtures, mirrors, light switch covers as well as any other electrical covers or vents. Things that can’t be moved out of the rooms require a proper cover to stay protected from the paint such as using a sturdy plastic tarpaulin.

    You can purchase these affordable covers in hardware stores near you. Never miss this step and make sure to execute it properly. Each sheet should be properly taped to the adjacent one to prevent the paint from slipping through any spaces or holes.

    • Remember to fill any holes or cracks that have started to develop on the walls before you start painting. As long as the cracks and holes are small, filling them should be easy. The challenging part here is waiting enough time for the mixture to completely dry.

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      Now that you’re finished the first portion of the dining room painting process at your home in Dublin, it’s time to move on. When all the cleaning of the remaining surfaces has been done and everything is completely dried, you can start the crucial yet often overlooked part of the process. 

      • Prime your walls in preparation for the application of the top coat. If you skip this part, you’ll never achieve the expected professional finish for your walls.
      • Paint the next areas in proper order starting with your skirting boards, then your architraves and finish it with painting your window sills. Afterwards, you can paint the ceiling using a roller. 
      • Paint in 5×5 foot squares and use less pressure while painting, making sure to follow the same direction of the strokes, back and forth.
      • Don’t forget to leave a “wet edge”, or the area adjoining the next 5×5 ft to be painted next. Carry on to the next area while the paint on the “wet edge” has not dried yet.

      This technique ensures areas covered are evenly coated without any darker or lighter sides and also prevents certain areas from having obviously thicker paint.

      • When painting the walls, start painting in a 4 foot wide W on the walls and then fill it with paint. Carry on until all the walls are thoroughly painted.
      • Proceed with painting the smaller and finer details such as the light switch covers. It’s best to use spray paint that is appropriate for the material these surfaces are made of.
      • After waiting for the proper time for the paint to completely dry, you can move everything back to the newly painted space and have fun with the renewed beauty of your eating place.

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